mouth-watering dishes. outdoor atmosphere.

mouth-watering dishes. outdoor atmosphere.

restaurant of bladok.

The cozy open air restaurant is a relaxing place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We serve fine European cuisine according to the original recipes. Pizza and pasta, steak, lamb, duck, fish, homemade bread and more will be provided by our professional cooks. A small selection of Indonesian food is also available.
The restaurant is open daily from 7.30 AM to 10.30 PM.

The foods are prepared and cooked by professional chef. Are you ready to taste Bladok's amazing foods? Yes, chef!

We mainly serve European cuisine in its original recipe, such as pasta, pizza and steak. Try them and tell us how you like it.

We also serve Indonesian menu. Try our traditional fried duck with a bit of European taste. You're gonna love it.

Hot or cold? It's your choice. We have a plenty of hot and cold beverages on our menu, from refreshing juices to hot tea.